St. John's Uniting Church Wahroonga
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This Week @ St. John's

Sunday 19th-26th February

Sun 9:30amMorning Worship
Sun noonKorean Language Worship
Tue 6:00pmThe Dish
Wed 9:30amArt Group
Wed 7:00pmKorean Language Bible Study
Fri 9:30amPlayjays
Fri 11:15amDanceJays
Fri 6:00pmThe Dish
Sun 9:30amMorning Worship
Sun noonKorean Language Worship


New at St. John’s – DanceJays! Immediately after Playjays on Friday mornings (about 11:15am), a chance for preschool kids to dance! Come along and enjoy 🙂…

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From Law to Love

Sermon preached by Rob Ferguson
Now Leviticus is not one of those books that you find at the top of the best seller lists. Not one that you are likely to choose to read on the train or to curl up with in front of the fire on a cold night.…

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My sheep hear my voice

Proverbs 8:22-36 | John 10:1-10
“The curious fact about the most fundamental question of life, is that everyone answers it, but very few people ask it.”
“‘What is a good life?’ Your life at every moment is your answer to that question; but if you haven’t answered it for yourself, then someone else is answering it for you.…

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Congregational Lunch and Farewell

Chris’ last Sunday at St. John’s will be on March 5th – please join us for a congregational lunch after the service to say farewell :(.…

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Christmas Journal

The print copy will be available soon, but the only way to get the journal in colour is right here!