Ignite the Flame

On ANZAC day holiday monday, we joined with 26 other local Churches in the Ignite The Flame festival on St. Ives Village Green. It was a beautiful afternoon, and kids and adults alike enjoyed the bouncy castle, puppet show, woodworking, horse-riding, model trains, wind tunnel, rock climbing... all free of charge as a gift from the Churches to the wider community. Read More


I find it hard to make sense of ANZAC day. Partly, I’m sure, it’s not being Australian born; the whole “forging of a national identity” thing doesn’t mean a great deal to me. Partly, I think it’s that I’m not a child of war years. Wars in my lifetime have been on television, not things that have touched me. Read More

Chinese Banquet

84 of the St. John's community, past and present, friends and family got together for our annual magnificent Chinese Banquet. Big thank you to Mary Smith for organising it, and for the staff at the Lotus Inn for the great food and service! Photos hopefully coming soon! Read More

Peter and Saul

The Christian Church is truly based on the most unlikely foundations. Our Bible readings today tell us the story of the two central figures of the early Christian Church. Peter would become the leader of the Church in Jerusalem, at the heart of Jewish Christianity – and remember, in its first days the Christian Church was almost entirely composed of Jewish followers of Jesus. The man still identified, by Catholic and Orthodox Christians, as the first Pope, the head of the universal Church. And Saul, who would do more than anyone else to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ beyond the Jewish nation, who would spend decades of his life traveling, preaching, founding communities of believers and then moving on; the man whose letters, written to those early groups of believers, form a large fraction of the New Testament – the de-facto leader of the Gentile Church beyond Jerusalem. Read More

Inaugural bushwalk…

11 walkers made the 5.1km Kalkari and Birrawanna Loop tracks for the inaugural outing of the St. John's Cartophiles. The round trip, including a leisurely lunch, took us just over 3 hours, despite the fact that Kit disappeared for about half an hour to "buy coffee" at Bobbin Head Point... Read More


Can you imagine the pressure Thomas must have been under to believe what the other disciples told him? They have just had the most incredible, awe-inspiring, life-changing experience of all time; the Lord and friend that they had seen die just days before was back – walking and talking with them, eating with them. In a moment, in a flash of revelation, everything he had said about having to die, but that not being the end, came into focus. Everyone in this community of friends, everyone but him, was infused with a new confidence, and were begging him to share it with them. Everyone important to him believed. How much do you think he would have wanted to join them in their faith? Or how tempted must he have been to at least play along? For surely, to not believe now was to risk being the odd one out, the outsider. Believing that Jesus was alive again changed everything – would Thomas still be part of the group, if he was the only one to doubt? Read More