Jonah 3:1-5,10 | Mark 1:14-20 It’s well know that Jonah was a reluctant prophet, but he was also a prophet whose words didn’t come true. He came with a simple message – “In forty days, Nineveh will be destroyed”. No ifs, no buts, no explanation (unusual in itself – the Old Testament prophets normally seem to spend a great deal of time and energy listing the sins of the nation they are speaking against). Just “in forty days, boom”. But it didn’t happen. Because the people of Nineveh took the message seriously. They believed Jonah. And they also believed that they could do something about it. The message from God might not have had any loopholes, any get out clauses, but they were convinced that God might yet be persuaded. And they gave up their wicked ways, and God saw, and God changed God’s mind. Read More

Nicodemus – The Musical

‘Nicodemus’ is an Australian musical, produced and co-written by Matthew Adams, which provides an opportunity for our local church community to invite friends and family to a Gospel event that is not only entertaining and immensely enjoyable, but which also gives the opportunity for discussion afterwards. The musical will be presented in Belrose between March 21 and March 31, 2012.… Read More... Read More

Blind Faith?

Today’s readings brought to mind an old joke – I know it’s old because my father told it to me. Noah is having a nice time knocking around heaven.  He’s just finished beating Moses at squash when a great light shines on him and a voice say, “Noah! I have a job for you.” “Ah, g’day Lord.” “Mankind has gone to pot: they blaspheme, they fight, they fornicate … and they’ve just about wrecked the planet. So I’m going start again.  I want you to go back and build me another ark.” “<Sigh>, ok Lord.  Back to earth, new ark.” “Yes, and this time I want a really BIG ark.  Lots and lots of decks.  And no cabins this time.” “Big ark, lots of floors, no cabins.  Gotcha.” “And don’t bother about any of the mammals, or the insects, or the reptiles - especially not snakes.  Or birds.” “Um, ok Lord.  So, only fish this time.” Read More

The Dish Christmas

Alison wrote the following piece about Christmas at the Dish, and I thought it should be shared more widely! Eighteen friends joined us in the Park last evening for our Christmas gathering. Janet had organised a fabulous Christmas meal of Soup, Turkey, Cranberry sauce, Ham & mustard, roast vegetables, peas, individual Puddings and custard or Mango ice cream – a great thrill for many!… Read More... Read More