Church Proclaiming

Listen! Proverbs 8:1-11 | John 16:12-15 Last Sunday, Pentecost Sunday, we placed the mystery of Pentecost in the context of the ancient story of the tower of Babel; and I reflected on the way that the story of Babel, along with many other narratives in the Old Testament and New, speaks against the power of human empire, declares the seductive danger of uniformity.… Read More... Read More

Parramatta River Walk: Cabarita to Chiswick Saturday 18th May, 2013

Sometimes it all just happens to come together: delightful weather, great scenery, an easy, flat walk and wonderful, friendly company.  That was the last Cartophiles’ walk.  If only there has been good coffee available … but more on that later. Seven of us gathered at Chiswick Ferry Wharf at 9.30am: Sandra, Sue, David, James, Tim, Kit and, for his first walk, Paul. … Read More... Read More

Church transcending Babel

Listen! Genesis 11:1-9 | Acts 2:1-21 About ten thousand years ago, in the Tigris valley, Mesopotamia, humanity made one of those inventions that changed the direction of history. The brick. Blocks of clay or mud, dried in the sun until they were strong enough to use. Five thousand more years would pass, however, before the technology referred to in the story of Babel.… Read More... Read More

Our African Story

Last month’s journal contained plenty of great articles and updates, including this mini-biography by Jim and Morna… Jim and Morna Buys Jesus counsels us “ For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” Accordingly, when our son and daughter and their respective families immigrated to Australia, it was inevitable we would follow.… Read More... Read More

Ascension hope

Listen! Ephesians 1:15-23 | Acts 1:1-9 Over the weeks of the season of Easter, we’ve been exploring different aspects of Christian hope, of the hope that we have, as the people of God, in the light of the resurrection of Jesus. Today, as well as being a celebration of Mothers’ day, and a celebration of new life, in the baptism of Bronte, this Sunday is also the last Sunday in the six weeks of Easter.… Read More... Read More

Marramarra Creek Campground (sort of), Sunday 21st April, 2013

This walk was destined to never happen. It was scheduled for Saturday 20th and eight Cartophiles turned up in he pouring rain ready to start.  Rachel & Tertius even drove up from Canberra to be part of it.  Over coffee in the Coonanbarra cafe we unanimously agreed that walking in that dreadful weather was ridiculous, but we did reconvene at the Blue Gum Hotel at lunch time for a debrief.… Read More... Read More

The Magdalene Sisters

St. David’s Uniting Church, Lindfield have a free screening of Peter Mullan’s “The Magdalene Sisters” at 7:30pm on Wednesday 29th May, in the Church’s Undercroft. Refreshments will be served over a discussion following the film. This extraordinary film is celluloid incendiarism, rabble-rousing cinema with a delirious, delicious edge of black comedy – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian… Read More... Read More

Wahroonga Prep School Market

On Sunday June 16th, Year 3 at Wahroonga Prep. will be holding a market in the Church Hall from 11am – 3pm, with all proceeds going to support activities at the school. If you have stuff you’d like to sell, you can purchase a table space; if you have things you’d like to donate then the Year 3 kids will sell them for you; on the other hand, if you’d like to browse and buy, you’ll need to come along!… Read More... Read More

Playjays term 2

Playjays started up again yesterday… with the weather turning a bit cooler, the twenty or so kids and mums greatly appreciated the warmth of the hall – although the chill didn’t stop some of the bigger kids from scooting around outside on the ride-on toys. Next Friday, Playjays turns three! All of our original kids have moved on the preschool or big school by now, but we keep on welcoming new arrivals!… Read More... Read More