Lessons from a long walk

Leaving Katoomba, Leg 2, Wild Endurance Readings: Job 34: 1-12 2 Pe 1:  3-11 As most of you know, in May a team from the St Johns Cartophiles Bushwalking Club participated in an endurance event to raise money for the Wilderness Society.  This required a team of four to walk a 100km course in the Blue Mountains in under 36 hours. … Read More... Read More

Manly to North Head Walk Saturday 15th June, 2013

The walk was great, but the gathering to make it was fraught!  When City Rail announced track closures on the North Shore line for Saturday, 15th June our carefully crafted plans to take trains to Circular Quay to catch the Manly Ferry were thrown into disarray.  It’s a tribute to the determination and creativity of the Cartophiles that thirteen of us eventually met at the Manly Wharf to start our walk. … Read More... Read More

Church at Worship

Listen! Psalm 30 | Luke 7:1-17 Looked at from the outside, there is a lot of the Christian faith which makes a lot of sense, values which friends and neighbours might share, even if they do not share the faith. The call to care for others, regardless of who they are; the challenge to live lives of integrity, holding ourselves to the highest of ethical standards; the value placed on community, on our existance not as isolated individuals but within a network of relationships; the insistence on justice as the foundation for the protection of all, rich or poor, powerful or powerless.… Read More... Read More

Church blessing beyond

Listen! 1 Kings 8:41-43 | Luke 7:1-10 There’s an impression that you sometimes get, reading the New Testament in particular, but also often listening to people speak about the early Church, that one of the biggest differences between the people of God in the Old Testament, the people of Israel, and the follower of Jesus in the New, was that the people of Israel were really only interested in themselves as the chosen people; an extended family, a clan, a nation defined by descent from the patriarchs, from Abraham.… Read More... Read More

More than ten ways to live…

This morning I told the “Ten best ways to live” story in scripture at the Bushschool. In the year 3 group, the wondering turned into a discussion about what rules were missing from the Ten Commandments. A number of the kids wanted to add to the list – the most popular suggestions being “love animals”, “don’t waste what you’ve got because other people don’t have as much”, “look after the environment” and “be grateful”.… Read More... Read More

Church revolutionary

Listen! Romans 12:9-16b | Luke 1:39-57 Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been exploring the implications of Pentecost; the meaning of this thing that came into being in the few years after the death and resurrection of Jesus, this international and intergenerational movement that we have today invited and welcomed Claudia and Savannah to be part of.… Read More... Read More