Psalm 85 | Luke 11:1-13 Listen! Prayer is complicated. There is probably no part of the Christian faith that is at the same time so universally valued and respected, and at the same time so diversely understood, or openly not understood. We all pray – some of us regularly, in a disciplined pattern, some of us more randomly, in response to the situation around us.… Read More... Read More

Big Issues

For the five Sundays of September, I’m going to speak on the big issues that face us as Christians and as the Church in Australia today. But rather than deciding what I think those issues are, I’d like members of the congregation to nominate them. So have a think about what you think the big questions are for us as Jesus’ followers today, and let me know – have a chat, drop me an email, or add a comment below…… Read More... Read More

Host and Guest

Genesis 18:1-10a | Luke 10:38-42 Listen! It’s great to be back in Wahroonga after a few weeks away – it’s especially good to be back in time to celebrate the ashes series with you all. I can’t help noticing that England haven’t lost an ashes series since Sureka and the kids and I arrived at St.… Read More... Read More

Messiah – Hornsby Ecumenical Choir

December 19 this year will mark the 5th annual performance of Handel’s Messiah at Our Lady of the Rosary Cathedral, Waitara, featuring the Hornsby Ecumenical Choir and young up and coming soloists. This year, funds will go to the establishment of a Women’s Shelter in the Hornsby Shire. Ticket prices are $30 for adults, $20 concession, $10 students and children under 5 enter for free.… Read More... Read More

Generations at St. Ives

Rob McFarlane and Liam Miller have teamed up to plan a four evening series of discussions in their “Uniting Life and Learning” series. Fortnightly on Mondays, starting on August 12, they’ll be exploring the different generational labels – builders, boomers, X, Y and Z – and why it matters… More info at their websiteRead More... Read More

Measuring Up

Amos 7:7-17 | Luke 11:1-13 Bob Potter Today’s readings provided a dilemma for me: Should I choose the gospel passage, preach on the Lord’s prayer and struggle to find something original to say, or should I choose the Old Testament reading in Amos and have to deal with his uncomfortable message of judgement and impending doom for Israel?… Read More... Read More