Messy Response

Those who came to Messy Church last month and wrote a letter to Barry O’Farrell MP may be interested to read his reply thanking us for the letters. I haven’t heard from Paul Fletcher yet, I guess being a Federal MP he may have other things on his mind right now 🙂 Read More... Read More


Listen! Psalm 103:1-8 | Luke 13:10-17 What are God’s laws for? This question really goes to the heart of a whole swathe of Christian theology and ethics and social action. What are God’s laws for? The scriptures, Old Testament and New; and for that matter, the scriptures of other religions; have a whole load of rules and regulations; and religions have always been perceived, if not defined, by the way that they interpret, teach, or impose, those rules.… Read More... Read More

September Sermons

Thanks to everyone who offered their ideas for the big issues facing the Church today. It’s going to be impossible to address all the really good questions people have given me (sounds like this series might need to be an annual event!), but I’ve tried to group the main ideas into five sermon themes.… Read More... Read More

Catholic-Uniting Dialog

Short notice – but this coming Wednesday at 7:30pm, at Gosford Uniting Church, there will be a dialog between Rev Greg McConnell (Ku-ring-gai Presbytery Chairperson) & Bishop David Walker (Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay) on the topic: Priests or Ministers? What’s the difference? All are welcome!… Read More... Read More


Listen! Psalm 82 | Hebrews 11:29-12:2 Hebrews chapter 11 contains one of my favourite verses in the whole of the Bible. “By faith,” it reads, “they were sawn in two.”. Now I don’t know about you, but when I think of the rewards of the life of faith, I tend to think of things a little bit less, well, gory than that.… Read More... Read More

Look busy!

Hebrews 11:8-16 | Luke 12:32-40 Listen! When I was at college, one of the other student – now a respected minister, so I won’t name him or her – had a couple of t-shirts which I, in direct contravention of at least one commandment, rather coveted. One, based on a hymn we sang last week, read “Morning is broken – I didn’t do it”.… Read More... Read More

Vanity of vanities

Ecclesiastes 2:18-23 | Luke 12:13-21 Listen! The Bible has, it would have to be said, something of an ambiguous attitude towards wealth. On the one hand, in much of the Old Testament, there is running thread of promise which identifies – or at least, on face value, appears to identify – wealth, in all its forms, with God’s blessing.… Read More... Read More