In the world

Listen! John 17:6-19 | John 6:60-69 Over the past few weeks we’ve been exploring different big issues that confront us as a Church and as individual followers of Jesus in the modern world. We’ve talked about the fear that we, as an institution, are shrinking and irrelevant; and then explored how we might actually be uniquely well placed to find new ways of being the Church in the emerging, post institutional world.… Read More... Read More

Engaging with Science

Listen! Genesis 1:1-19 | Psalm 19:1-4 Many of you will have heard this story before, because I love to tell it. When I first arrived at Uniting Theological College to start my training for the ministry, I got into lots of those conversations where you’re introducing yourself to fellow students, talking about where you’ve come from, what you’ve done in the past.… Read More... Read More

Muogamarra Nature Reserve Saturday 7th September, 2013

Photographic Phrenzy: waratahs with James, David, Bob & Tertius Muogamarra Nature Reserve is on the Hawkesbury River just north of Cowan and west of Brooklyn.  The reserve is open to the public just six weekends a year, when it is the site of one of Sydney’s most vibrant natural floral shows, including waratahs, native orchids, bright pink eriostemons, purple boronias and towering Gymea lilies.… Read More... Read More

Jack Peattie Memorial

Long standing members of St. John’s may well remember Jack Peattie as an active member of the congregation and leader of the Scouts. As was mentioned in Church last Sunday, Jack died in New Zealand last Friday. The cremation will be held there later this week, and the family have asked for a memorial service to be held at St.… Read More... Read More

Gentlemans Halt campground, Marramarra National Park, 31st August/1st September, 2013

This was a completely new walk for the Cartophiles, since one of us had hiked in the area before.   Thank you to Michael I for these walk notes. Participants: Kit, James and Annie, Adam and Michael, Michael and Gabriel The walk started with us departing in 3 cars from St John’s Church in Wahroonga to drive to Canoelands Road, Canoelands (east of Cattai, north of Dural).… Read More... Read More

Parramatta River Walk: Huntleys Point to Meadowbank Saturday 17th August, 2013

The walk from Huntley’s Point to Meadowbank was the last in our circuit of the Parramatta River Walk. Nine Cartophiles gathered at Meadowbank ferry wharf for the shuttle to our start point: regulars Mary, James, Annie, David, Virginia, Sandra, Sue and Kit and brand new Cartophile Semi. The first order of the day was a desperate search for coffee since careful diet and warm up is essential to good walking.… Read More... Read More

Margaret Mead Farewell Service

Margaret Mead has been principal of Wahroonga Prep. School for as long as I’ve been in Australia – 17 years! On Friday 20th September, her last day at the school, we’ll be having a service to mark the end of her time with us. The service starts at 8:45am, but you might want to be early because I think seating might be at a premium!… Read More... Read More

Engaging Culture

Listen! Acts 5:27-32 | 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 In some ways last week’s sermon might have felt a bit depressing. I guess its kind of inevitable that if you ask what the big issues facing us are, then you’re going to start in a fairly negative place – starting, as it were, with the aknowledgement that not all is well in the world of the Christian Church, that there are big issues, genuine difficulties facing us.… Read More... Read More

Nooma – Animate: Faith

Next term Nooma will be looking at the seven week “Animate: Faith” course. This is a great opportunity for those who aren’t regulars at Nooma to come along and have a taste… Animate is an original take on adult education that stirs curiosity. Participants are engaged and inspired to connect with their faith.… Read More... Read More

Dying and Irrelevant

Listen! Ezekiel 37:1-14 | John 12:20-26 When, a few weeks ago, I asked members of the congregation to nominate what they thought were the biggest issues facing the Church in the modern day, I had some ideas about what might be suggested. I even went so far as to make a short list, for my own interest, of my guesses.… Read More... Read More