Christmas at the Dish

At The Dish, this Christmas, St. Leo’s served Christmas meal on Christmas Eve. Thank you to this team of keen and enthusiastic parents and some pupils, organised by Connie, who were glad to prepare and serve the dinner. Christmas ham was carved in situ at the Van! Shepherd’s Pie, Tandoori chicken, lasagne and roast vegetables accompanied the fine fare.… Read More... Read More

The Greater Kingdom

Listen! Isaiah 35:1-10 | Matthew 11:2-11 I’m sure everyone here is well aware that the Christmas story, as we tell it each year, especially as we tell it to children, or as we create it in a nativity scene, as an amalgam, a mash-up of the stories told by the different gospel writers; in particular, by Matthew and Luke, with a considerable degree of embelishment from the imagination of religious artists, and hymn writers, over the centuries.… Read More... Read More

Dubbo Gully & Old Great North Road, Dharug National Park, 30th November/1st December 2013

This walk replaced a planned walk in the Royal National Park and it turned out to be a fantastic alternative. The 24km walk took us through some very pretty bush and rock overhangs, past historic convict road works and along a lush green pastoral valley via a pioneer cemetery.  This walk is one of several that investigate sections of The Old Great North Road (OGNR), built to provide Sydney access to the fertile Hunter Valley. … Read More... Read More


Listen! Isaiah 2:1-5 | Matthew 24:36-44 And so, the colour has changed. Now it’s the time for the colour purple. It’s not a tradition we follow avidly at St. John’s, but across a wide range of Christian Churches – probably a sizeable majority of Christians throughout the world – today communion tables and lecterns and pulpits will be covered, or at least trimmed, in purple cloth.… Read More... Read More