The Calling

Bob Potter Isaiah 9: 1-4 | Matt. 4:12-23 Can you remember last week’s sermon? As I remember it Chris explored the cryptic and enigmatic conversations, recorded in John’s gospel, between Philip and Nathaniel and then Nathaniel and Jesus, culminating in Nathaniel’s confession, ‘Teacher you are the Son of God! You are the King of Israel!’ with the implication that Nathaniel then joined Jesus’ band of disciples.… Read More... Read More

Marramarra Creek Campground and Return, Saturday 15th February, 2014

Our second walk for 2014 is in the Marramarra National Park, to a location the Cartophiles were supposed to go to last April, but we were temporarily geographically embarrassed.  This time, we’ll get it right! Set among the trees and by tranquil waters Marramarra Creek campground can only accessed by water or by foot, making it a peaceful retreat away from the crowds. … Read More... Read More

Jesus’ baptism

Listen! Isaiah 42:1-9 | Matthew 3:13-17 In several recent sermons I’ve made reference to our tendency to blur together the accounts of Jesus’ life given to us by the different gospel writers, and suggested that by doing so we lose something: we lose some of the unique insight that each brings to the life of Christ; we miss out on the way that insight has shaped the choices the writers have made in putting together their gospel – for, remember, each of the writers was writing a gospel, a story of good news, and not a biography, or a history.… Read More... Read More


Listen!Isaiah 60:1-6 | Matthew 2:1-12 Today we come to the end of the Christmas season, the last day of Christmas. Tonight is twelfth night, tomorrow, the festival of Epiphany. And the tradition of the Church is that as Christmas ends we celebrate the arrival of the Magi, the wise men.… Read More... Read More