Metrogaine, Sunday 9th February, 2014

The Cartophiles had six teams in the “Hornsbygaine” on Sunday, 9th February.  The course was hard going and six hours in the hot weather really tested our mettle.  However, we all had great fun.  Reports on the event are available on the NSW Rogaining Association site.             Cartophiles’ Results in the Metrogaine Team Members Score Time Position Overall Out of 162 Teams Mixed Team Out of 100 Teams Veteran Out of 58 Teams Super Veteran Out of 22 Teams Novice Out of 20 Teams Kit Craig, Sue Craig 1300 5:58 64 32 28 Melissa Gow, Cathy Hui, Alexander Lyle, Leigh Matheson 1280 6:06 72 36 James Loxton, Annie Loxton 1230 5:59 82 45 36 12 Adam Benson, Owen Craig, Nick Samios, Kayla Shoppee 1070 5:44 105 61 Edwina Loxton, Brett Ritchie 1000 5:56 119 69 10 Rupert Morton, Tom Morton 500 3:15 153 18… Read More... Read More

Going beyond

Listen! Leviticus 19:13-18 | Matthew 5:38-48 So, for those of you paying attention over the past few weeks, today’s gospel reading brings us another example of the same pattern of conversation. “You have heard that it was said…. but I say to you…” We read two examples today, and each of them gives a fascinating insight into the way that the law and the prophets operated, and the way that Jesus took that conversation and took it on another step.… Read More... Read More

Movies for Lent

On the six Saturdays of Lent (March 8th through to April 12th) we’ll be showing movies based on the lives of spiritual legends through the ages. 6:45pm for a 7pm showtime, nibbles provided (feel free to bring wine – we’ll provide glasses!). Entrance is free, with donations to cover costs invited!… Read More... Read More

Pancakes at the Manse

With Easter Sunday on April 20th this year, Lent starts on Wednesday March 5th. Which means that Tuesday 4th is pancake day, and you are invited to the Manse pancake party, any time from 7pm. Bring along something to put on top of pancakes, or something to drink with them!… Read More... Read More

Not to abolish

Listen! Isaiah 58:1-9a | Matthew 5:13-20 Today our gospel reading brings us one of those passages where it’s hard to avoid thinking that life – especially life for the preacher – would have been much easier if Jesus hadn’t said what he said. “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law… not one letter will pass from the law until all is accomplished… whoever breaks one of the least of these commandments, and teaches others to do the same, will be called least in the kingdom of heaven” You don’t need to have read much of the Old Testament law to get the sense that, if this means what it seems to mean – that the law, as laid out in the Old Testament still applies – we have a bit of a problem.… Read More... Read More

Sydney Welsh Choir

On June 14th we are delighted to be welcoming the Sydney Welsh Choir for a performance at St. John’s, raising funds for the National Trust appeal to restore the roofing of our heritage buildings. The performance will run from 2:30 until about 4:30, and will be followed by an afternoon tea!… Read More... Read More

Painters thank you

Today at the St. John’s Painters Fellowship we said a big thank you to Margaret Harvey for all the work she has put in over the years to coordinate the group. This baton has been passed on to Olive McCredie, so that Margaret can just paint on Wednesdays! Thank you to Olive for taking on the role… The Painters’ Fellowship page has some great examples of works complete and in progress… check them out!… Read More... Read More


Listen! Micah 6:1-8 | Matthew 5:1-12 In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus’ three years or so of ministry is bookended by the word disciples. It begins, as Bob spoke of last week, with the calling of disciples, and ends with the words we heard in baptism today, the great commission, to go and make disciples of all nations.… Read More... Read More