Curious about faith?

Ever wondered about Jesus? Ever curious if faith can makes sense of your life? Interested in whether God and church are related? The Growing Place @ St John’s invites you to a series of Sunday afternoons to explore the Christian faith and its meaning in the 21st century. There are no strings attached.… Read More... Read More

Two Encounters

Listen! strongExodus 17:1-7 | John 4:5-30 As we travel through the weeks of Lent, the lectionary is offering us a series of vignettes onto Jesus’ life and ministry, a series of conversations between Jesus and different people who came across his path. Last week we had the story of Jesus and Nicodemus; today, the Samaritan woman at the well.… Read More... Read More

Blessing or Curse

Listen! Genesis 12:1-4 | John 3:1-17 A couple of favourite passages come together, today. Our New testament reading from John, containing as it does the most cited verse in the Bible – John 3:16 – a favourite, especially, it seems, of people who hold up banners at American sporting events. And Genesis 12 – much less famous, but a huge favourite of mine, a passage that I quote, or at least make reference to, probably more often than any other text, certainly in the top few.… Read More... Read More

Temptation and trust

Listen! Genesis 3:1-7 | Matthew 4:1-11 The forty days of Lent are an obvious, deliberate echo on the part of the early Church, of the forty days that Jesus spent in the wilderness, as told by both Matthew and Luke. Which has always struck me as a little bit odd. Lent is a period of preparation for the great mystery of Easter – the end of Jesus’ ministry as one of us, his betrayal, abandonment, death, and resurrection.… Read More... Read More

Art group

The St. John’s Art Group (or Painters’ Fellowship) has been delighted to welcome a number of new members in the past few weeks! It’s great to see a steadily growing group of artists young and old exploring their creativity each week! Their web page has a selection of images well worth the look…… Read More... Read More


Listen! Exodus 24:12-18 | Matthew 17:1-9 This week, and over the weeks that follow as we head through to Easter, we take a break from the main flow of the narrative of Matthew, to follow through the traditional gospel readings for Lent, a series that starts this week with the story of the transfiguration.… Read More... Read More