Support for Dementia Carers

Gordon Uniting Church are exploring the possibility of a support group for carers of Dementia sufferers, coordinated by a psychologist, with a parallel group for Dementia sufferers themselves to allow the carers to attend. They are currently testing the levels of interest, so if you think you might be interested, or know someone who might benefit, please let Chris know.… Read More... Read More

Live it!

Listen! Psalm 46 | Matthew 7:13-29 So today we come, at last, to the end of the sermon on the mount – three chapters of concentrated spiritual, practical, and ethical teaching. It’s taken us eight Sundays to work our way through, and given the amount that I’ve had to leave out when deciding what to talk about, I’m sure that we could have spent many times as long.… Read More... Read More

Do to others….

Listen! Deuteronomy 11:18-21 | Matthew 7:1-12 And so we come, at last, to the simple phrase that lies at the center of the ethical content of the Sermon on the Mount, and, perhaps, of the teaching of Jesus. Two weeks ago we reflected on the Lord’s Prayer, and how it, in many ways, was the greatest possible summary of what it meant to be Christian: to identify our relationship with the Holy God as one of parent to child; or rather, parent to family; that in praying the opening few words of the Lord’s Prayer you claim that status as a member of the family of God, not as a reward or acheivment, but by simple virtue of the fact that Jesus has invited you to so pray.… Read More... Read More

Below the Line

In the week of May 19th – May 23rd, six members of the Growing Place congregation are going to be “Living Below the Line”. Living Below the Line is a challenge to spend less than $2 per person per day on food for five days, in order to get just a small sense of the reality of life for those many millions in the world who live on the edge of extreme poverty.… Read More... Read More

No Worries?

Listen! Isaiah 49:8-16a | Matthew 6:22-34 Sometime, when we’re reading a passage from the Bible and exploring what the text means; we get caught up in the meaty, memorable bits of the text – “consider the lilies of the field”, or, in the Latin, Sicut Lilium, the words emblazoned on the crest of my High School, and miss words which are more bland, less exciting, but which serve to give shape and context and structure and, sometimes, meaning, to those memorable bits.… Read More... Read More

Panel Forum on Asylum Seekers

Thornleigh Community Baptist Church are hosting a panel forum aimed at developing a theological response to the complex issues surrounding Asylum seekers. The forum panel includes Greg Lake (former director of Regional and Offshore processing), Allan Asher (former Commonwealth Ombudsman, barrister and solicitor to the High Court), Jo Hill (Program Manager at House of Welcome) and Danelle McLeay (National Director, International Teams, and ordained Baptist Minister).… Read More... Read More

Cartophiles finish WildEndurance 2014

The Cartophiles team has completed WildEndurance 2014, the Wilderness Society’s 100km Team Challenge in the Blue Mountains on 3rd – 4th May.  Despite the rain, overnight temperatures as low as 3° and winds gusting over 60kph the team arrived intact. The team had three objectives: for everyone to finish, to complete the 100km under 30 hours and to raise $2,000 for The Wilderness Society.… Read More... Read More

Our Father

Psalm 131 | Matthew 6:1-21 Listen! Rowan Williams, until recently the Archbishop of Canterbury, said “If somebody said, give me a summary of Christian faith that I can write on the back of an envelope, the best thing to do would be to write out the Lord’s Prayer.” Martin Luther, writing in an age in which literacy was very much the exception, wrote to ministers that they could expect their congregations to know by heart only three things: the ten commandments – which he described as “the standard we fail to keep” – the creed “God’s response to our sin” – and the Lord’s Prayer “our response to God’s grace”.… Read More... Read More