Sydney Welsh Choir

Last Saturday afternoon the church was filled close to capacity for a marvellous afternoon of music by the Sydney Welsh Choir. A great thank you to all those who were involved in putting the day on; planning, preparing, catering, ushering, serving, and, of course, singing. As well as being a great musical event, we raised around $4000 towards the restoration and maintenance of the church buildings.… Read More... Read More


Listen! Acts 2:1-21 | John 20:19-23 They gathered together, and they prayed. Last week I ended by talking about the way that the disciples responded to Jesus leaving them; leaving them with a promise, but at the same time, leaving them alone. They gathered together – they got all the followers of Jesus, men, women and children, together, and they prayed together.… Read More... Read More

Uniting Artists

Are you an artist, or interested in art? Olive McCredie is putting together “Uniting Artists”, groups of interested people (not just artists) across the Uniting Church to raise funds for the churches’ ministries such as UnitingWorld and the Exodus Foundation. There’ll be a meeting for those who are interested at 7:30pm on Thursday June 12th and Olive and John’s home.… Read More... Read More


Listen! Acts 1:6-14 | John 17:1-11 If you’re ever going to murder someone – and let me just make it absolutely clear that I am not recommending this course of action – but if you ever did, one of the problems that you would have to deal with is what to do with the body.… Read More... Read More