Wondabyne Station to Kariong Brook waterfall Saturday 23rd August, 2014

Sadly, we have to cancel this walk in May because track work prevented us getting to the start point at Wondabyne railway station, the only railway station in Australia which has no road access. This time for sure! The tranquil and beautiful Kariong Brook falls and waterhole are a wonderful surprise for walkers along the Great North Walk in  the Brisbane Waters National Park. … Read More... Read More

Cold Playjays Morning…

As we were chatting just before Playjays this morning, we agreed that the bitterly cold wind would probably keep numbers down. We could not possibly have been more wrong. The biggest Playjays ever saw 47 children and their parents and carers – around 80 people in all – squeezing into the lower hall (it really was too cold to play outside!), including 11 children for whom it was their first time!… Read More... Read More

Seeds of confusion

Listen! Genesis 25:19-34 | Matthew 13:1-9 Following through Matthew’s gospel, chapters 12 and 13 mark a key moment in the story. In the opening chapters we have the birth of Jesus, his baptism and temptation; the calling of the first disciples and the start of his ministry, proclaiming the good news that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.… Read More... Read More

Heavy burdens

Listen! Psalm 145:8-14 | Matthew 11:25-30 Our gospel reading today brings us another of those well known, often quoted texts; the sort of thing that gets printed in greeting cards and on religious posters and calendars. And for good reason, too; “Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest” is a great promise, a word of reassurance, of comfort, that we so need to hear in a world full of burdens, full of weary people.… Read More... Read More