Life and Death

Listen! Exodus 3:1-10 | Matthew 16:21-26 Last week we talked about the way that Jesus seemed to hold back from using, or even allowing to be used, the title Messiah until a very late point in his ministry; it’s certainly a striking feature of the gospels, that Jesus tells his disciples not to tell anyone who he is.… Read More... Read More

On Rock

Listen! Matthew 16:13-18 | Romans 12:4-8 It’s a deeply held truth in the Goringe household – and I know that we are not alone in this – that when a man becomes a father, he loses all ability to judge the quality of a joke, and, indeed, is imbued with a deep and profound ability to make extremely bad jokes.… Read More... Read More

Raising Kids to Thrive

Arden school are hosting a seminar by Michael Grose, “Raising Kids To Thrive”, at 7pm, Tues 2nd Sept. · Michael Grose is one of Australia’s most popular parenting and educational presenters, the author of 8 books for parents; a former parenting columnist for both News and Fairfax and a regular on TV programs such as The Today Show, The Circle and radio 774’s Saturday Program.… Read More... Read More

Loss and Grief Seminar

White Lady funerals are hosting a free “Loss and Grief Seminar” on Wednesday 3rd September. From the flyer… Grief educator and author, Doris Zagdanski is returning to Sydney to present her most popular community seminar, titled ‘Stuck for Words’. This is based on her experiences of working with grieving people for the past 30 years.… Read More... Read More

On the Water

Listen! Psalm 85:8-13 | Matthew 14:22-33 And so, after the feeding of the five thousand, Jesus finally gets the time alone that he was looking for. He sends the disciples on ahead in the boat (and incidentally, I was left wondering about when and how the disciples arrived – they didn’t come with Jesus on the boat, so did they come with the crowds?… Read More... Read More


Listen! Isaiah 55:1-5 | Matthew 14:13-21 So, the feeding of the five thousand. Surely a Sunday School favourite – all those people, a small boy with a packed lunch (although he doesn’t get a mention in Matthew’s gospel), Jesus says grace and five thousand people have enough to eat with twelve baskets left over.… Read More... Read More