Genesis 1:9-13 | Mark 1:14-20 Listen! Let the waters under the sky be gathered together in one place, and let the dry earth appear. Last week, as we explored the second day of the creation story, we saw the separation of the waters of chaos into two – the waters above, the sky, the heavens, and the waters below.… Read More... Read More

Christmas 2014 at The Dish

Christmas 2014 was another great time for our friends at The Dish. Christmas gifts from many sources (both organisations and individuals) were handed out at most of the gatherings during December – with schools preparing over the months before. A Year 8 student from a Wahroonga family offered to put together the hampers for Friday’s session on Boxing Day.… Read More... Read More

The dome

Listen! Genesis 1:6-8 | John 1:43-51 So there came a point, about half-way through this week, when I was cursing myself for the whim – or, as I now think of it, momentary lapse of reason – that led me to pick the six days of creation as a series of six themes for the period between epiphany and lent.… Read More... Read More

In the beginning

Listen! Genesis 1:1-5 | Mark 1:4-11 Genesis chapter one has been one of the unfortunate victims of the perceived conflict between science and faith that has generated so much vehemence and so little insight over the past decades. With vocal parts of the Christian church insisting on the literal interpretation of these verses, and even going as far as to declare that entertaining any other reading is directly furthering the work of Satan (and yes, I have been accused of that, more than once, over my years as a non-literalist Christian), those who find they are more able to accommodate both the insights of science and the wisdom of the Biblical narrative have often found it simpler to avoid the conflict by avoiding the text.… Read More... Read More

Wyrrabalong Coast Walk, Wyrrabalong National Park, Saturday 15th November, 2014

Our tenth day walk for 2014 was much tougher than we anticipated, when eight Cartophiles (Tim, Andrew, Paul, Annie, James, David, Sue & Kit) did the coastal circuit in the southern section of Wyrrabalong National Park, south of Tuggerah Lake on the Central Coast . Wyrrabalong National Park conserves the last patch of coastal rainforest on the Central Coast.… Read More... Read More

Like Jesus

Listen! Jeremiah 31:10-14 | John 1:1-14 And so we begin a new year, and say farewell to 2014. And I guess most of us, over the past few days, have spent at least a little time wondering about what the year ahead will hold for us. We might have made resolutions for the new year – we might already have broken them For some, of course, 2015 will see radical change.… Read More... Read More