Caring for Carers

Gordon Uniting Church are hosting a workshop on “caring for Carers”, conducted by Sallyanne Aarons, a psychologist with expertise in assisting those looking after someone with dementia or cognitive impairment. The workshop is on March 23rd, at 10am – 12.30pm, and costs $30. Please contact Sue Cripwell or 0411 542 248 for more details or to book.… Read More... Read More


Listen! Psalm 25:1-10 | Mark 1:9-15 So we enter into the time of Lent; a time best known, in popular culture, at least, as a time to give something up. Now in previous years I’ve done all the standard sorts of Lenten fasts – alcohol, coffee, sweets; so this year I wasn’t sure what to do.… Read More... Read More

The image of God

Listen! Genesis 1:24-31 | Mark 9:2-9 So we come at last to the final day of the process of creation – day six, the creation of humanity. Except, of course, it’s not just the creation of humanity. We share this day with the creation of all sorts of other things – in fact, with the creation of all the animals that live on dry land; the cattle, the wild animals, and everything that creeps upon the earth.… Read More... Read More

40 Days of Hope

Join us this Lent for a series of six studies from UnitingWorld, “40 Days of Hope”. Tuesdays from Feb. 24th, at the Manse, at 7:45pm. Optional hard copies of the studies with daily prayers and an accompanying DVD are available from Chris for $12.… Read More... Read More

Monsters and Fish

Listen! Genesis 1:20-23 | Mark 1:29-39 And so, on the fifth day of the story, the ordered universe is ready for the emergence of animal life. There is a place for them – dry land for some, the seas for others – and there is structure; day and night, summer and winter – and there are the plants upon which they will survive.… Read More... Read More

Vanuatu Literacy Project Kick-Off

On Tuesday February 17th we’ll be holding a kickoff meeting in support of the Vanuatu Literacy Project. Jane Kennedy, the project coordinator from UnitingWorld, will be coming along to join those from the school and Church communities who are interested in organising fund-raising and awareness-raising events in support of training librarians in Vanuatu.… Read More... Read More

Shrove Monday Pancakes

To avoid a clash with the Vanuatu Literacy Project meeting, this year we’ll be celebrating the little known feast of Shrove Monday for our traditional pancake party. Come along any time from 7pm on Monday 16th February, bring something that you can eat with pancakes or something that you can drink with pancakes, and we’ll provide the pancakes!… Read More... Read More


Genesis 1:14-19 | Mark 1:21-28 Listen! The earth has been completed; dry land has emerged, the sea and it’s destructive chaos driven back and constrained; and plants bearing seeds have covered the land. There are no animals yet in the story; not in the air or water or land; but the place is ready.… Read More... Read More