Listen! Psalm 118:19-29 | Mark 11:1-11 The Passover festival was approaching. This was the high point of the Jewish year, the one time that every Jew who possibly could, would come into the city, and come to the Temple. As a result, Jerusalem was packed – every inn was full to overflowing, every street packed with stalls, animals, and people, people, people.… Read More... Read More

Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday – 5th April – at 9:30am join us as we rejoice in the great miracle of the resurrection. Our celebration will be a mixture of song, prayer, craft, reflection and communion, and will be suitable for all ages. Everyone is welcome to join for this, the greatest day of the year….… Read More... Read More


Listen! Jeremiah 31:31-34 | John 12:20-26 Last week we explored the idea of judgement as it appeared in Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus. The judgement that Jesus described there was far removed from the sort of judicial imagery that we seem to instinctively associate with the term; (the judge finding you guilty and sentencing you to some penalty); instead what we found was the image of light coming into the world, and people choosing either to flee from the light, because they were too ashamed of what they had done, or choosing to come into the light, so that what they had done could be seen for what it was.… Read More... Read More

Judgement and Salvation

Listen! Numbers 21:4-9 | John 3:14-21 The story of the snakes in the book of numbers is one of those that I’m pretty sure we would never read in Church if it were not for the fact that Jesus made reference to it in what is probably the most famous passage of the Bible – his conversation with Nicodemus in John chapter 3.… Read More... Read More

In response to the events of the past two weeks

Several people have asked if I would post the text of my comments before the sermon last Sunday – so here they are…. Friends, I doubt that anyone here today has not been aware of the events at the royal commission over the past week, and, especially given the very strong connections that many of us here have with Knox, the news reports, and the testimony itself, has been disturbing and, for many of us, deeply distressing.… Read More... Read More

No barriers

(due to technical errors, no recording of this week’s sermon is available) Exodus 20:1-17 | John 2:13-22 The cleansing of the Temple, we normally call it, and even the name comes laden with overtones of meaning – cleansing, making clean; the imagery of scrubbing away that layer of black gunk stuck onto the frying pan after a particularly unsuccessful fry-up (or that just me?) – making something clean again.… Read More... Read More

Berowra Station to Berowra Waters and return, Saturday 14th March, 2015

The next day walk for the Cartophiles bushwalking club revisits one of the very earliest walks the club ever did: 5½ km from Berowra Station down to Berowra Waters for lunch, then return to the station. We’ll meet at the Berowra Station car park at 10.00am on Saturday, 14th March. The walking is on fire trails and well formed tracks, and all the steep sections have formed steps, but because a couple of the climbs are steep it’s rated moderate to hard.… Read More... Read More

Metrogaine, Saturday 28th February, 2015

The view across the course from City Lookout Congratulations James & Edwina!  The Cartophiles only entered one team for the NSW Rogaining Association’s (NSWRA) annual Metrograine in the Lane Cove National Park.  James and Edwina carried the weight of the Cartophiles’ expectations and didn’t let us down.  The came 56th of 94 teams in the mixed team category and 103rd overall out of 194 teams.… Read More... Read More

King, not just friend

Listen! Psalm 22:23-31 | Mark 9:2-9 The journey of lent, as I suggested last week, is a journey that begin with a recognition of who we are: “you are my child, beloved, with you I am well pleased”, and ends with a declaration of our calling, our mission: “the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe the good news”.… Read More... Read More