Looking in the mirror

James 1:17-27 | Mark 7:1-8 (Due to a technical failure, no audio this week… sorry!) The people of God, the Jewish nation of Israel, actually spent very little of their history being the nation of Israel. They started out as a tribe, an extended family, that made good; that somehow escaped from the shackles of the region’s first great empire – Egypt – and established themselves as a nation by invading the land of Canaan.… Read More... Read More

Armour of God

Listen! Ephesians 6:10-20 | John 6:59-69 And so Jesus comes to the end of this whole section built around the imagery of the Bread of Life; finishing, as you remember from last week, by declaring that he, not the manna in the desert, nor the loaves and fish of the feeding of the 5,000, but that he was the true bread, and that it was by eating his flesh that one could experience eternal life; life with God, here, and hereafter.… Read More... Read More

Rebuilding Onesua College

Part of UnitingWorld’s reconstruction efforts in Vanuatu following cyclone Pam is rebuilding schools – and rebuilding them to be able to withstand future cyclones. Neville Jones (Presbyterian Church Aotearoa New Zealand missionary in Vanuatu) has a great photo blog of images of the reconstruction work being funded and coordinated by UnitingWorld.… Read More... Read More

Bread of Heaven

Listen! Proverbs 9:1-6 | John 6:51-58 There is something about food. In particular, there seems to be something about sharing a meal together that has been valued by cultures across the world and throughout history. Sharing of food seems to be almost synonymous with sharing of life: we eat together with the people that we live together with – our families, our friends, our communities, our colleagues.… Read More... Read More

Right Living

Listen! Ephesians 4:25-5:2 | John 6:41-51 It’s not often that I choose one of the readings for Sunday to be from the Epistles, the letters in the New Testament. That’s partly because I’m really keen on not excluding the Old Testament from our tradition, and feel it’s almost always appropriate to include a gospel reading; but there’s also a sense that the Epistles are generally so context specific – written to a particular people at a particular place facing particular problems – that they are better studied in depth, systematically, than picked at in a sermon.… Read More... Read More


Listen! Exodus 16:2-4 | John 6:24-35 When I saw the way that the lectionary readings had coincided with the mission focus on our Vanuatu literacy project, my initial reaction was to try to rearrange one or the other in order to avoid having these readings on a day when we talk about our commitment to help our international partners.… Read More... Read More