Listen! James 5:13-20 Our reading from the epistle of James today is one that, in its misapplication, has caused a great deal of heartache over the years. It plunges us into the mystery of prayer, and the hope of the miraculous; but read lightly it also seems to offer a simple, formulaic picture of prayer, and in particular, of prayer for healing.… Read More... Read More

A Day in the Park

A Day in the Park is back again this year – Tuesday October 27th. A Day in the Park is a free event for preschool children to celebrate Children’s Week – petting zoo, gingerbread figures, sausage sizzle, story tent, live music and more, from 10am in Wahroonga Park.… Read More... Read More

Pecking order

Listen! Psalm 1 | Mark 9:30-37 Mark chapters 8 and 9 really mark a turning point in the gospel. For the first seven or so chapters, Jesus has been teaching, preaching, healing, casting out demons. He’s gathered a following, he’s challenged those in power, he’s reached out to those outside the Jewish faith (or perhaps – he’s responded when they reached out to him).… Read More... Read More

Who am I?

Listen! James 3:1-12 | Mark 8:27-33 Who is he? By this point in Mark’s gospel, Jesus has become quite a public figure. You can’t go around for three years, preaching in the synagogues, healing the sick and the blind, feeding crowds of thousands, without people starting to talk. He’s probably quite the subject of gossip, the sort of person that everyone has an opinion about.… Read More... Read More

Can you provide temporary accommodation for a refugee?

In the light of the Australian Federal Government’s decision to accept an additional 12,000 refugees from the Syrian crisis, a number of people have indicated to me that they would be in a position to offer a temporary home for some of those in need. I’ve so far identified a couple of organisations who are working to link refugees with hosts; I’ll add others to this page as I become aware of them.… Read More... Read More

The Lord watches over the stranger

Listen! Psalm 146 | Mark 7:24-30 I guess if you were to make a list of adjectives that you would apply to Jesus, “racist” probably wouldn’t be amongst them. And yet here he is, in Mark’s gospel, meeting with a gentile, a Syrophoenician woman, in desperate need of help for her afflicted daughter, and basically calling her a dog – by contrast with the Jews, Jesus’ people, who are the children.… Read More... Read More