People’s Climate March

On Sunday November 29th, in the run up to the Paris climate talks, people from from all over Sydney will be joining the worldwide People’s climate march. The Uniting Church, along with many other denominations and faiths, is joining in this march, which will be taking place in hundreds of cities around the world, to encourage world leaders meeting in Paris to take seriously our shared responsibility for the future generations and the future of the planet.… Read More... Read More

Freedom – resources

Here are some ways to follow up on today’s sermon for Freedom Sunday: Not for Sale Campaign Shop Ethical Fairtrade Australia Dilmah Tea International Justice Mission UnitingWorld’s Linbong School Project Here are some more suggested by Rob Ferguson World’s oldest anti-slavery group Free The Slaves – An international community based group Video Volunteers – a grassroots organisation with an emphasis on empowering the “untouchables” in India, the source of most of the world’s slaves Rotarian action group against child slavery aiming to increase awareness… Read More... Read More


Listen! Psalm 82:1-4 | Luke 10:25-37 The Holy Man meditating in his cave opened his eyes to discover an unexpected visitor sitting there before him – the Abbot of a well-known monastery. “What is it you seek?” asked the Holy Man. The Abbot recounted his tale. At one time his monastery had been famous throughout the western world.… Read More... Read More


Listen! Hebrews 5:1-10 | Mark 10:35-45 Good old Melchizedek. Don’t you just love him. His name occurs ten times in the Bible – eight of them in the book of Hebrews, of which we had the first two in today’s reading. Then there is one reference in the book of Psalms (which is where the quote used the Hebrews passage comes from), and one verse in the book of Genesis.… Read More... Read More

President’s Syrian Appeal

Stuart McMillan, President of the Uniting Church, recently circulated the letter below to congregations. I’ve also received an update from UnitingCare in which they expressed their thanks to all who have offered temporary accommodation. Due to the particular needs of those who have recently escaped a war zone, however, those arriving from Syria will be provided with appropriate accommodation and specialist services, some of which the Uniting Church will be providing through UnitingCare.… Read More... Read More