People of the Promise

Listen! Jeremiah 33:14-16 | Mark 8:27-33 One of the things that causes the most confusion, when reading the Old Testament prophets, is when we ask “what time was this prophecy referring to?”. It’s a problem that we tend to have somewhat hidden from us in the advent season, as we read short snippets of the prophets speaking words that are relatively easy to identify with Jesus – and there’s a sort of unspoken implication that Jesus is the object of the rest of the prophecies as well.… Read More... Read More


Listen! Psalm 93 | John 18:33-37 The last Sunday in the Church year is traditionally known as the festival of Christ the King. And it’s a celebration that I think many of us in the modern world find slightly awkward, a little anachronistic. After all, we don’t really care much for kings nowadays – even most royalists in Australia would object to the idea of the monarch having absolute power over his or her kingdom.… Read More... Read More

Christmas Services

Lots of different services in December to help us get ready to enter into the great mystery of Christmas…. Sunday December 6th At 9:30am, our Christmas Pageant – an unrehearsed dramatic telling of the Christmas story, with a part for every child. Come in your own costume, or borrow one of ours!… Read More... Read More


Listen! Mark 13:1-8 | Hebrews 10:19-25 The Temple in Jerusalem in Jesus day was far, far more than a building. It was the religious centre Jewish life, the place that every Jew would try to visit, on pilgrimage, at least once a year for one of the great festivals, if they possibly could.… Read More... Read More

Christmas Pageant

This year our Christmas Pageant service will be on December 6th, at 9:30am. This service is one of the highlights of the season – every child has a part in an unrehearsed telling of the Christmas story. Kids can come along in costume, or we have plenty to hand out on the day!… Read More... Read More

Art @ St. John’s Mission Focus

As the next in our series of “Mission Focus” services, on Sunday 29th we’ll be spending a little time talking about Art @ St. John’s and their work reaching into the community. As part of that event, after Church, at morning tea, there will be an exhibition and sale of works, with the proceeds going to the Vanuatu Literacy Project.… Read More... Read More

Syrian Refugee Update

Ku-ring-gai council, in partnership with Wahroonga Rotary (among others), are proposing to produce welcome packs for Syrian refugees being settled in the area. It is anticipated that the majority of the estimated 6,000 who will be arriving in NSW will be women with young families and orphaned minors, so the welcome packs will be targeted correspondingly – toys, games, books, nappies, toiletries, school equipment etc..… Read More... Read More