Listen! Mark 6:1-13, 30-44 I’m really enjoying this series of readings where we get to hear a largish chunk of the gospel read at a single sitting. Every week, as I’ve been reading the text in preparation, something has emerged that I haven’t seen when I’ve read the stories in isolation, as we tend to do.… Read More... Read More

Messy Easter

Messy Church is back! On Sunday 13th of March from 4pm to about 6pm, including supper for the whole family, you are very warmly invited to join us as we explore the great mystery of Easter through a range of activities, crafts and words.… Read More... Read More


On Thursday of Holy Week, March 24th, we will be remembering the events of the night of Jesus’ betrayal – from the Last Supper, through the Garden of Gethsemane, and on to the trial. The service will be communion and, while serious, will also be suitable for older children.… Read More... Read More

Study Group

During Lent everyone is warmly invited to the Manse at 7:45pm each Tuesday evening for a Bible Study / Discussion based around the gospel reading for the previous week (and to dissect the sermon, if you are so inclined!) over a glass of wine.… Read More... Read More

Parable of the Sower

Listen! Mark 4:1-34 Then Jesus began to teach them many things in parables. Don’t you just love parables? Those quirky images of everyday life interwoven with an edge, an observation, a twist. Stories designed not to answer a question, but to ask a different one. Playful, often humorous pictures that sometimes seem clear, but whose meaning seems to twist away or change direction when you try to look more closely.… Read More... Read More


Tuesday 9th is shrove Tuesday – so please join us at the Manse for the traditional pancake party! All ages welcome, from 7pm until whenever. We’ll provide a big stack of pancakes, bring along something that can be eaten or drunk with them 🙂… Read More... Read More

2016 Major Trek: Three Capes Track, Tasmania, 7th – 10th November

Lonely Planet says it’s among the ‘world’s hottest new experiences’.  Opened to the public for the first time last December, Tasmania’s Three Capes Track is a world-class, multi-day walking experience of 46 km on the Tasman Peninsula.  It’s an easy to moderate walk, lightly packed, on a track so meticulously crafted you’re free to enjoy your experience rather than watching every step.… Read More... Read More

Christmas 2015 at the Dish

As usual, the folk at The Dish have been very much thought of by the wider community. Plans have been underway for months: St. Patrick’s Asquith Children’s Choir have been preparing their repertoire of songs to share with our friends on the Tuesday before Christmas when their Church folk were preparing and serving the meal.… Read More... Read More


Listen! Mark 2:1-22 Today we’ve heard a big chunk of gospel reading, most of chapter 2. A set of vignettes that we would normally read as individual stand-alone stories, each carrying a particular message. Our printed Bibles tend to encourage this sort of approach, by inserting sub-headings to tell us what each paragraph is all about.… Read More... Read More


Listen! Mark 1:21-45 (this is the sermon from Jan 17th, which I forgot to upload!) You’d have to say, Mark doesn’t hang around. In Matthew and Luke’s gospels Jesus doesn’t start his ministry until the middle of Chapter 4 – but here we are, just on our second chunk of Mark, middle of Chapter 1 – and Jesus is right into it – proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom of God and, I suspect more importantly, showing people what it looked like.… Read More... Read More