The limits of chaos

Job 38:1-11 Listen! The book of Job, as we’ve seen in the previous couple of weeks, is a lot more about asking questions than it is about giving answers. Questions of good and evil, of providence and suffering, of hope and despair, of life and death and life beyond. Job and his friends have argued themselves in circles, until finally Job cries out his questions to God: asking – no, demanding – that God hear his complaint, and give him an answer.… Read More... Read More

Building Bridges Together

During Ramadan this year Sureka and I were delighted to be invited by Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, the Grand Mufti of Australia, to an Iftar dinner (the traditional breaking of the fast at sunset during Ramadan). This invitation came as part of the “Building Bridges Together” initiative, to increase mutual understanding between Australian Moslems and Christians.… Read More... Read More

Commissioning of Elders and Councillors

Following the congregational meeting in June, at which we elected our Elders and Church Councillors, on Sunday July 31st, as part of our morning service, we will be commissioning them to their roles. Please be there if you can, and please pray for these men and women who have offered themselves to serve the Kingdom of God in Wahroonga in this way.… Read More... Read More

Job’s Hope

Listen! Job 14:7-15 | John 12:24 The opening chapters of Job, as we explored (in very small part) last week, are an argument; an argument about suffering, about sin and guilt, and most of all, about the goodness of God. Not an argument about whether or not God is good: that much was assumed by all involved.… Read More... Read More

Sydney Welsh Choir

Put the date in your diary! On Sunday October 30th, the Sydney Welsh Choir will be returning to St. John’s for a concert of popular songs, Welsh songs and hymns, sacred music & items from opera and stage musicals. All funds raised will be going to support three wonderful schools – St Lucy’s and St Edmund’s here in Wahroonga, and The School of St Jude in Tanzania.… Read More... Read More

Introducing Job

Listen! Job 3:1-10, 4:1-9 Because the narrative lectionary, that we’ve been following this year, was developed in the northern hemisphere, we’re currently in the sort of ‘summer holiday’ season in which, instead of following the broad sweep of the Old Testament (as we will in our spring) or a gospel (as we did in our autumn), we get a number of short themed series, often exploring parts of the Bible that aren’t found in the more traditional revised common lectionary.… Read More... Read More