Guests from Vanuatu

Put the date in your diary – I’m delighted that in late November Johnknox and Esther will be coming to Wahroonga as guests of Knox Grammar, and on Sunday November 27th they will be worshipping with us at St. John’s. John is principal of one of the schools supported by the Vanuatu Literacy Project, and I’m sure he’ll be delighted to share with us the impact that this project is having on his school and community!… Read More... Read More

Capt. Mona Shindy

I’m delighted to be able to announce that Naval Captain Mona Shindy will be the second guest speaker at our Building Bridges event on September 4th. Capt. Shindy is the Chief of Navy’s Strategic Adviser on Islamic Cultural Affairs, Telstra Business Woman of the year 2015, and was awarded the Conspicuous Service Cross in the Australia Day honours list 2015.… Read More... Read More

Our Daily Bread

Listen! Exodus 16:13-21 | Luke 11:2-4 In the opening words of the Lord’s Prayer, that we explored last week, we found a sort of statement of identity; of Jesus identifying with the traditions of intimacy with God, of holiness, and of justice that ran through the Jewish faith of his day – and indeed, the Jewish faith throughout history.… Read More... Read More

Father, Hallowed, Kingdom

Listen! Luke 11:2-4 The last of our so called ‘summer’ series – summer because the narrative lectionary that we are following, like so much of our Church year, originates in Northern climes – is a series of weeks looking at perhaps the most famous words of Jesus: the Lord’s Prayer. So for the next four weeks, we’ll be hearing the same, very short, gospel reading each week – these couple of verses from Luke’s gospel in which Jesus taught his disciples to pray.… Read More... Read More

Job restored

Listen! Job 42:7-17 So today we come to the end of our short series on the book of Job. And I hope you’ve found as much in it as I have – I’ll admit to approaching these five weeks with some trepidation, unclear, as I’ve said that the answers offered by the writer of Job were words that I would find much benefit, much life, in.… Read More... Read More

Knowing all the answers

Listen! Job 48:1-8, 42:1-6 | Matthew 7:7-8 So this week we come to the end of God’s reply to Job. You’ll recall that last week, God challenged Job – and, even more so, Job’s friends, with the accusation that they were speaking words of apparent wisdom, words of great confidence and understanding, words which were totally at odds with their profound ignorance about the things of God.… Read More... Read More