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Jesus is the Bread of Life @ The Growing Place

Today Elly told the kids the story of Jesus feeding a crowd of 5000 men, plus women and kids, with just 5 bread rolls and 2 fish. It was a miracle! Have you ever gone without eating for a whole day? Your body begins to get weak if you don’t get food. Food is one of our basic needs – we all must eat to live. In this story, Jesus met his followers’ basic need for food. But today the children also learned about how Jesus can give us something we need more than food. If we believe in Him, He can sustain us in every way, and He can give us eternal life.

The children discussed questions about what we need in life to live as God’s children. We talked about what ingredients would make the “Bread of Life”? The children suggested Love, Kindness, Hope, Peace, Caring and Sharing. Can you think of others?

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More than ten ways to live…

This morning I told the “Ten best ways to live” story in scripture at the Bushschool. In the year 3 group, the wondering turned into a discussion about what rules were missing from the Ten Commandments. A number of the kids wanted to add to the list – the most popular suggestions being “love animals”, “don’t waste what you’ve got because other people don’t have as much”, “look after the environment” and “be grateful”.

I wonder what you would add to God’s best ways to live…?

Existentialism in year one

question-resizedThis week at the Bushschool scripture I told the story of the Good Shepherd to the kindy class and to year one. Towards the end of the wondering time I asked “I wonder where this place might really be?”. The kindy kids, of course, are all very concrete – “I think it might be on a farm” “I think it might be in India”. The year ones began the same, and then one of the kids suggested it might be “heaven, you know, up in the sky”. A few other suggested the same, before a girl who’d hardly said a word put her hand up and suggested “I think the whole thing might be a journey…”

A lovely God

Amanda, our Children & Youth Pastor, teaches Scripture (“special religious education”) at the Bush School, our local state primary. This is a vignette from her day last week:

In scripture this morning I had a Year 1 group. Some were familiar with Godly Play, being in my Kindy class last year, some were new. I was doing the Parable of the Good Shepherd and everyone was really getting into the story…

Me: “and when the lost sheep is found I would put it on my back, even if it was heavy, and carry it back safely to the sheepfold.”

Newbie Girl whispers to her friend: “Oh that’s lovely”

Her friend who has experienced Godly Play whispers back: “Oh yes, that’s God…he’s always lovely.”