Christmas Journal

The latest copy of St. John’s Journal – for Christmas 2015 – is winging it’s electronic way to the printers, and should be available in paper copy soon. But you can get it now, without delay, in full colour, here online…. Thanks, as always, to Rosemary for her work in putting the journal together (and chasing up slack authors like me….)… Read More... Read More

Our African Story

Last month’s journal contained plenty of great articles and updates, including this mini-biography by Jim and Morna… Jim and Morna Buys Jesus counsels us “ For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” Accordingly, when our son and daughter and their respective families immigrated to Australia, it was inevitable we would follow.… Read More... Read More

Winter Journal

  • Who are Playjays?
  • What are cartophiles?
  • What might happen on September 26th?
  • What have mushrooms to do with St John's?
  • Who in the congregation was born in Parramatta?
  • What are those things in the photo?
All these questions, and many others, are answered in the winter journal. Order a paper copy from Rosemary, or download it here! Read More