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Blessing of the Schoolbags

This coming Sunday (January 31st), we will be marking the start of a new year at school / preschool with a “blessing of the schoolbags”. This is a bit of the service where we get all the students to bring their school bag up to the front, and we pray for the coming year, and give each of the students a gift (probably in the form of a tag or similar that can be attached to the bag) to mark the occasion. At the end, the students come and take them back out with them (during the bulk of the service we have children’s activities for those aged about 1-12….)

The idea is that we want to recognise that the start of a new school year is a big thing, often exciting or scary or both, and that we want to encourage them to trust in God looking after them and guiding them. And we want them to know that we adults recognise that each new year is an important step for them…

So – it’s a great service to bring the kids (or grandkids) along to, and make sure they bring a bag! If you are able to let Chris know it would help with numbers, but it’s fine to just show up 🙂

Messy Church – Bigger Barns

Once again, a great turn out at Messy Church for “The man who wanted bigger barns”. Big thank you to everyone who helped out and came along to make it the wonderful evening it was – see you all next time!
tn_Messy Church collage Juli 2015

Congregational Meeting

Just a quick reminder that we’ll be having congregational meetings for an update on the progress of talks with WPS and Knox on February 15th and March 1st. Of course, you should feel free to talk with Kit any time!

Fair Trade @ Beecroft Anglican

St. John’s Anglican Church, Beecroft are holding a Fair Trade Market this Saturday (30th) from 9 – 3. Being organised by a certain Philippa Miller, who some of you will know 🙂

Our annual Fair Trade Christmas Markets are back this year with a great range of Fair Trade businesses selling their fabulous wares!
There will also be a BBQ raising money for an anti-trafficking project in Athens, a Fair Trade cafe and an art show by a local artist with proceeds going to a school in Ethopia.

UnitingWomen website goes live

UnitingWomen 2014 is a conference for women who share a faith in Jesus Christ, to be held 12-14 September 2014, at MLC School.

Our very own Sureka, Dayan and Amanda, along with our great friend Ellie and a heap of other helpers have been slaving away over the last weeks and months, and today the website has gone live and registrations have opened.

Check out

The Messy Mystery of Easter

Messy Church on Sunday April 7th was an amazing and creative experience for the 80+ children and adults who attended.
To start there were six activities designed to give people a chance to do a creative activity and relate the outcome to some aspect of Jesus’ teachings. The amount of thought and resources put in to each activity was commendable and each event was guided by two or three dedicated supervisors – all wearing the distinctive ‘Messy Church’ T shirts.
If there was a stand out presentation it had to be the tableu of the Last Supper. The attention to detail was remarkable and creative in its interpretation of what it must have been like in that upstairs room. Foods typical of what constituted such a meal were present for people to select and sample. Drapes and soft lighting created a mood symbolic of the occasion. In the background was the sounds of people partaking and conversing as would happen at a meal for the group of disciples. Interspersed with these sounds was the occasional voice over speaking some of the words and phrases recorded as being spoken by Christ at the supper. Everybody was impressed with the extent of thoughtful creative detail put into the tableau of the Last Supper as a postlude to Easter.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Chris addressed the group in Church with an intriguing box of ‘sorry’ thoughts garnered from the middle hall in the activities segment. Undoing the suspended box revealed the mauve coloured cross which when reversed became clean white, representing the transition from lenten sins to the forgiveness brought by the resurrection.
Afterwards another group of hard working helpers served a meal which was consumed with gusto and lots of talk by attendees in the lower hall.
A good time was had by all. Try to attend the next Messy Church on 26th May.

For more photos, check out the Facebook album