St. John's Uniting Church Wahroonga


New at St. John’s – DanceJays! Immediately after Playjays on Friday mornings (about 11:15am), a chance for preschool kids to dance! Come along and enjoy 🙂

A day in the park

For the past few years, St. John’s, along with a number of other Uniting Churches and Church playgroups, have hosted “A Day in the Park” to mark international Children’s week. A Day in the Park is a free event for preschool children and their carers, held in Wahroonga Park, with various fun activities and live music. I’m delighted to say that this year the Wahroonga Prep. School vocal ensemble will be singing for us – if you’ve never heard them, then you have no idea how good a primary school choir can sound!

St. John’s has traditionally provided the sausage sizzle – so if you are free on Tuesday October 28th for a few hours in the morning, please come and talk to Chris about sizzling sausages…

Cold Playjays Morning…

As we were chatting just before Playjays this morning, we agreed that the bitterly cold wind would probably keep numbers down. We could not possibly have been more wrong. The biggest Playjays ever saw 47 children and their parents and carers – around 80 people in all – squeezing into the lower hall (it really was too cold to play outside!), including 11 children for whom it was their first time! A great time was had by newcomers and old timers alike, and we look forward to having some warmer weather so we can spread out into the courtyard next week!

Playjays term 2

Playjays started up again yesterday… with the weather turning a bit cooler, the twenty or so kids and mums greatly appreciated the warmth of the hall – although the chill didn’t stop some of the bigger kids from scooting around outside on the ride-on toys.

Next Friday, Playjays turns three! All of our original kids have moved on the preschool or big school by now, but we keep on welcoming new arrivals! And new friends are always welcome…

Suuny days at Playjays

The beautiful weather this morning saw our biggest Playjays of the year, with 24 kids from 0-3 coming along to join us for a play. This year we’ve been joined by half a dozen new families, and almost as many new baby brothers and sisters! Next Friday is Good Friday, so there’ll be no playgroup, but we look forward to seeing you all the following week!

Playjays 2013

Summer moves on, and everything starts starting up again… and Playjays is no exception. We’ll be starting off again on the first of February, at the usual time of half past nine. Hope to see you there!

Quite a day in the park

Last Thursday Wahroonga park was filled with preschool kids, parents and grandparents, as we celebrated national Children’s Week with ‘A Day in the Park’. Somewhere between two and three hundred kids came through, enjoying the animal petting zoo, bubble fairy, stories, songs, gingerbread men, fruit sticks, play-doh, face painting, knox junior bands, crafts and drawing and sausage sizzle. The event was jointly hosted by the Uniting and Baptist Churches, and not even a bit of rain could put the dampers on the enthusiasm of the kids.

Big thanks to all those from St. John’s who got involved, especially Ted (BBQ), Amanda (bubble fairy) and Sureka (face painting). We’re already planning to do it again next year!