St. John's Uniting Church Wahroonga
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Sunday Mornings

On Sunday mornings we meet at 9:30am for worship. All ages join together for the start, and then we divide into two: Godly Play for kids aged around 3-11, and a more traditional worship service for the adults. Communion is celebrated on the third Sunday of the month, and everyone, of all ages, is welcomed. After the service each Sunday we invite everyone to join us for morning tea and a chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones.

Everyone is welcome at all of our services. If you’d like to know more, please feel free to contact our minister, Chris, on 0402 012 418 or

Sermon podcasts

Can't make it to Church on Sunday? Want to listen to the sermon again? Interested in what we have to say? Most of our Sunday morning sermons are recorded and podcast...


John 20:1-18
At the heart of the Christian faith lie three great mysteries.
Not mysteries in the sense of a murder mystery, in which, when the truth is revealed all will become clear, but mystery in the sense that art is a mystery, music is a mystery, science is a mystery: a mystery in this sense is something that goes deeper than we will ever see.…

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Broad but shallow

Psalm 118:20-29 | Matthew 21:1-11
We all know the story – it’s one of the big spectacles of the Christian year. The triumphal entry, the palm branches cut down and lain across the road, Jesus riding in on a donkey, children shouting “Hosanna”.
And we all know, as well, because we’ve read the end of the story, that the euphoria of the moment doesn’t last.…

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Dry Bones

Ezekiel 37:1-14 | John 11:17-27
Not long before, the people of Israel had been part of something exciting, something vital; they had been part of the people called to be the people of God, and it had really meant something. They’d been a nation that worshipped God, a nation that identified with God, a nation in which each generation taught the things of God to the next generation, in which children grew up practicing the faith of their parents, and grandchildren the faith of their grandparents.…

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Broken Stories

(Due to technical failure, this sermon wasn’t recorded….)
1 Samuel 16:1-7 | John 9:13-17, 35-41
On the surface, 1 Samuel chapter 16 tells a simple story. King Saul, the first King of Israel, has gone bad; and while he still rules, God has rejected him. Samuel, God’s prophet, is commanded by God to go to Bethlehem, to the house of Jesse – for Jesse was an honourable man, obedient to the law of God – and secretly anoint a new king.…

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