Lots of activities at St. John’s stop over the summer, but the need for the fellowship and food provided by the Dish doesn’t take a break. Alison sent me this report on the great work done by so many members of the wider community who chose to generously give their time at such a busy time of year…

For our friends at The Dish preparations for Christmas began some time ago. We are so fortunate that so many people of the community are aware of the meals that volunteers serve from The Dish each week to those in Hornsby who come for a meal and companionship.

Children of Waitara Primary School from one Year 6 class had made boxes in which to put cakes of soap; as well, each child in the class made a bracelet of woven silk, for each of those who came at Christmas.

A Wahroonga family contacted The Dish, via the internet, to say that they wanted to do something for our friends at Christmas. There was a mountain of things to do; one way that was envisaged that this family could help us was for them to pack the Christmas hampers. North Sydney Inner Wheel had supplied us with presents – necessities, individually wrapped and labelled. The Wesley Cooks had made Rocky Road, Christmas cakes and other treats. Others had given more gifts. A firm of Consultants at Pymble sent us some new shirts for presents.

One couple, again making contact through the internet – the web-site – gave us a donation as their grandchildren were not coming this year and hence they were not buying a Christmas tree. The money for the tree was given to us – we purchased gifts to supplement those already received so that all folk were able to have a fair share of the bounty!

What excitement when the family had put the bounty into colourful Christmas Gift bags. Cards written by hand, by the children in the family, were attached lovingly to each bag. It was a delight to see. Joy was certainly a by-product of this giving.

St. Leo’s served traditional Christmas Dinner on Tuesday, 25th, and presented to those who came personal hygiene packs which they had prepared for each one who came.

All these gifts will be given to anyone who has not yet received one, as the come over the next weeks. Over twenty folk have already been the recipients of these gifts. It has been a bounteous Christmas for all!