St. John's Uniting Church Wahroonga

Congregational Breakfasts

Starting in late 2015, we’re hoping to meet three or four times each year for a congregational breakfast before Church on Sunday. This is a chance to spend some time with the St. John’s community in a more informal setting, and hear one of our number share some reflections. Contact Chris for more details!

Recent Breakfast News

Anzac Memories

Those who enjoyed Kit’s moving reflections on his visit to Anzac Cove might enjoy revisiting it – those who missed the breakfast now have a chance to read it… download Kit’s notes (with pictures) here.

Congregational Breakfast

On November 8th at 7:30am, we’re going to have a congregational breakfast before Church – Chris Osborne and Kit Craig will tell us a bit about their experiences in Gallipoli earlier this year, and Ken Broadhead is going to head up a team to cook breakfast for us all :).