The Cartophiles gather at Cowan Station for the first walk of the year ………………. L-R James (obscured), Tim, Annie, Paul, David (obscured), Mary (back turned), Sue, Glenn, Angelina, Penny, John

The Cartophiles have opened our 2015 programme with the lovely walk along the Great North Walk from Cowan Station to Jerusalem BaCIMG1675y.  When we reached the iconic view from the headland we all felt so fresh that we decided to cross the small creek that enters the bay here and have lunch by the small waterfall at the start of the very steep climb out of Jerusalem Bay to Brooklyn.

Thirteen Cartophiles met at Cowan Station for an easy 10.30 start.  Regular members David, Paul, James, Annie, Mary, Sue and Kit were joined by occasional members Penny, Angelina, Nicolah, John and Glenn on a bright, mild morning ideal for a walk.  The recent overnight rains had muddied a couple of spots on the track, but mostly the footing was dry and solid.  The creeks were flowing gently, the trees rustled in the breeze and, even though the tide was out, Jerusalem Bay was filled with houseboats and swimming children when we arrived.


CIMG1681John and the children walked down onto the mud flats to look at the large groups of hermit crabs running between the puddles as the rest of us followed the track into the mossy creek bed.  We crossed to the sandstone overhang and trickling water of the grotto at the foot of the very steep hill that has been such good training for endurance walks in the past.  We had a very pleasant lunch in the dappled shade.

During the walk back up the hill the humidity in the gully began to get to us and we were all feeling the heat.  By the time we reached the cars we were all ready for our debrief at the Blue Gum Hotel, which luckily coincided with the start of Australia’s opening game of the ICC World Cup.  A lovely walk, good company, great scenery, and air conditioned pub, and cricket.  Life doesn’t get much better than this!

The Cartophiles’ next day walk is participating in the NSW Rogaining Association’s annual 6 hour Metrograine.