Live music and dancing for all ages from 8pm to 11pm on Saturday October 31st! $10 a head, children are free 🙂

2 Thoughts to “Spring Swing Dance”

  1. jane

    Hi. I saw your banner out the front of the church regarding the Swing Dance night and was wondering if you could tell me a bit more about it. I note from the webpage it’s a family event, so I expect that means it’s a church function of sorts. I’m a single (and the only reason I mention it is that I don’t have a dance partner!!) older Christian lady who loves dancing and blues and swing music, so was just curious about this event. I would love to hear a bit more about it.

    Many thanks,

  2. Chris

    Hi Jane, yes, it’s an event organised through St. John’s Uniting Church, and it’s for all ages. You’d be very welcome! Starts at 8pm, runs till about 11pm, $10 a head.

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